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Susan Brooks
Here are the Real Results

My client roster is exclusive and limited so that you get my undivided time and attention. I give you the guidance and accountability required to help you navigate your world to achieve the profitable and sustainable results you are looking for.

"I was struggling with how to take my practice to the next level. I was scattered, overwhelmed, and stuck in not being able to make a decision. I saw no options. Working with Susan, I had a coach, a motivator, a business woman, and nurturer who helped me laser-focus on what was holding me back. I now have clarity and several specific options to pursue. I'm committed to the plan and timeline with confidence in moving forward. I you are ready to take the next step in your career, Susan will give you the tools and no-nonsense direction to get you there. Be prepared to work on your and grow to your highest potential!"

Maria Newson
Psycholtherapy Practice

"I hit a plateau in my business. I struggled alone for too long. Susan helped me monitor my time and plugged up leaks that sucked up my revenue-generating time. Now I have focus and a full day of more hours in my month!"

Brenda Cunningham
Push Career Management

"Susan helped me turn my jumble of ideas for growing my business into an exciting, logical, and do-able plan. Her provocative questions encouraged me to open my eyes where I was resistant, helping me commit to a direction with specific steps and timeframes."

Lynn Murphy
Key Innovative Solutions, Inc.

"My session with Susan gave me clarity and direction. She crystalized my thoughts so I was able to see what I really want to achieve in this new extension of my interior design business. I realized I need to delegate more so I can be a more creative designer."

Barbara Kaplan
Barbara's Picks:
Your Design and Lifestyle Source

"My goal is to retire from my present job. I enjoy my work, hate my job and I had a really bad boss. Susan helped me frame my job boundaries. 'No' has become an easier word for me to use and mean. Keeping my boundaries has been challenging but every time I defend my territory I feel more confident and proud of myself. I no longer ask and wait for approval. I see the results of Susan's coaching"

Jeniece Roher

"Before coaching with Susan, my food business had messy books, inconsistent sales, no metrics, and me pocketing cash sales. In 8 months after working with Susan, I increased my production capacity, raised my prices 20%, had my first of many $8000+monthly sales, and increased overall sales 200%."

Shelly Vie
Nourished Foods

"Working with Susan is an inspiring way to get down to ‘brass tacks, determining where I am with my business and where I want to be. With her word-smithing and coaching expertise, we came up with the best mission statement I've ever had!"

Marni Anbar

"Before Coaching with Susan I wasn't running my million dollar business, my business was running me. Revenues were up, but expenses were up more. I needed help! In 90 days working with Susan analyzing expenses, $25,000 went right to my bottom line..."

Dr. Melinda Striyle
Veterinarian and Business Owner

"I work with Susan because SHE BUILT a multimillion dollar company from the ground up. Many coaches have great advice, but have not walked the walk. Susan helped me develop a strategic plan to increase my sales and achieve my financial goals. She is coaching me in creating my team, sales strategies and developing the exceptional customer experience."

Robin Harris
Robin Harris Advisors, PLLC

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Susan Brooks

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