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3 Steps to Up-Date Your Self-Perceptions

3 Steps to Up-Date Your Self-Perceptions
October 2018

  1. Heighten your awareness: When a negative thought about yourself enters your mind, immediately become aware of it...and change it with a positive thought.

    Congratulate yourself for recognizing this intrusion and having the courage to re-frame this thought in a positive way. After awhile, you may laugh at yourself when this happens, letting the old story gradually disappear.

  2. Visualize what you want: Change the pictures in your mind from what you don’t want to what you do want! Picture yourself winning, succeeding, fulfilled, and happy. The more you imagine how good you are and how good life can be, the more likely you will bring this into your life.

  3. Use your words: Use only positive and powerful words when you say "I am": I am successful. I am so good at what I do. I am a good person. I am full of possibilities and potential.

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