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Susan Brooks
Let's begin with a conversation...

Let's begin with a conversation...
January 2021

To transform staleness into robust aliveness is an ambitious goal, and worth every ounce of effort even when it's uncomfortable and chocked full of fear.

When Barry and I sold Cookies from Home more than ten years ago, Barry skipped out the door like a child headed out for recess! He soon claimed his place to serve: teaching Zumba to senior living communities.Barry knew how he could best serve and what would make him really happy. Both then and now... when covid invaded our lives, he had to figure out a different way to serve his senior living community: now serves seniors nationwide.

Me? Not so much. I knew I wanted to serve women business owners using my trillions of learned lessons from the trenches, but what did that service look like? I needed role models, real-life examples. I decided to go on the hunt for outrageous, courageous, and highly contagious individual leaders who were living large, serving causes and issues that were bigger than they were! Their vision to serve flows through every transaction, every conversation and connection, every decision and action they take. They impact and influence others...and they get to ignite change!

I wanted to know more about these larger-than-life leaders: their story, their WHY, their principles, their purpose to serve. I saw them ride the cycles and seasons of life in living color, beyond financial reversals and marketplace challenges and changes. They are genuine to their own truth and their full-out self-expression. They are risk-takers living on the edge of awe while others stay stuck in mediocrity. They serve with gusto! That is ME!!!

Today as an outrageous Business Strategist, I work with individual leaders as they find their way on their journey just like I did!

'The one thing our world will never have enough of is the outrageous.'

- Salvador Dali

I am often asked 'how will I know when to let the 'real me' live this one life of mine, whether it is to become an entrepreneur...or a parent...or a more fulfilled human being? If this covid siege has taught us anything: life is short. We don't know how many breaths we are given in this lifetime. Waiting is exhausting.

My answer to this question is “When you can't stand another day, another hour of waiting...when the ache inside for aliveness is so strong that you know you are dying inside instead of living the life you really want...and'll know then! Wasting time will be your biggest regret.

Are you sleepwalking through your life?

Want more Life in your life?

Want more fun and color in your every waking moment?

Want to serve bigger?

Of course you do!

Let's begin with a conversation. I'd love to walk beside you on your Outrageous, Courageous, and Highly Contagious leadership journey.

This message is your wake-up call! What are you waiting for???

Let's do this!

Ultimate Customer Experience Idea of the Month!

The Ultimate Customer Experience SERVES YOU RIGHT™

Girl Scouts of America

What can a Cookie Queen do? I had to say (enthusiastically!): YES!!!

The Girl Scout Cookie Campaign has gone on forever. We look for them at this time of year: in front of grocery stores, knocking on our neighborhood door, at schools, but, alas, because covid infects all parts of our world, even Girl Scout's Cookie Campaign have to create new ways, outrageous ways, of reaching their goals this year. Like every business, those metrics matter, right? And Outrageous wins this game!

My job as their Guest Speaker (dba Cookie Queen) was an abundance of inspiration and tips (People eat with their eyes first) and for their Pitch (Ask for the sale: 'How many boxes of Samoas and Thin Mints and Peanut Butters would you like to buy today???). You should have seen these little faces fighting fear and their shyness! Girl Scout cookies are iconic. They have a secret superpower: memories! All ages have tasted these cookies and have cherished memories with them. That emotional connection is what makes us want more! And, as entrepreneurs, these Scouts will create and show up to get your attention with the Ultimate Service Experience that brings you back for more!

Please, if and when you have a customer service experience worthy of note, share it with me! You will be sending this business new customers...and I'll treat you to a consistently fabulous customer experience at Dutch pleasure! Email us HERE.

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