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Newsletter Nuggets

Newsletter Nuggets
February 2020

Happy 2020 to you,

2020 is off to a fast start! To help you keep pace with the new year and this years business and career growth goals, I've compiled my most often read, top 5 newsletters from 2019 to re-set your engines for your best year ever! Use them up...

I'm here for you. No reason for you to figure it all out on your own. Let's talk about the what, where, and how of your action steps that help you achieve your goals this year.

The 2 hr 1:1 Strategy Session will give you your 2020 Vision of clarity, and a step by step plan to get you where you want to be by this year's end.

Wanting success is not enough...investing in your own growth, is worth your time and attention, especially if you want results!!

Here goes!

To Quit or Not to Quit
Are you facing a "quitting scenario" in your business or career? If you are losing sleep coming to terms with change...if you are in transition deciding to quit or not to quit, learning how to quit gracefully and 'begin again'...

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How to Stand Out as Trailblazers and Leaders
When we address our fears and develop our "bravery muscle" we end up attracting opportunity that others don't see. We stand out as trailblazers and leaders. We learn lessons that will help us be brave. Here are 4 Strategies to Manage Your Fear.

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Ignite the Fire in Your Belly and Soul
When was the last time you woke up excited about your day? When was the last time your passion, your enthusiasm, your leadership led the way? If it's been awhile since your aliveness was contagious, your time is NOW! Your world needs YOU!

Here are a few tips to help you feel your heart beat again:

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Celebrate the Wins in And Out of Your Biz
Do you celebrate the "wins" enough??

Did you know celebrating the wins is as important in business as learning from the losses? Life is juicy and must be savored or we forget why we are working so hard.

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What is your next step? What will give you energy and connect you with your mission? Must you struggle trying to figure out this challenge alone? Is it your endless chattering voice alone that is keeping you stuck?

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Whether I was growing my multi-million dollar business or growing my coaching business, one of the best decisions I ever made was hiring a coach to help me and my business grow. The good news is that there are a gazillion coaches out there! The hard part is deciding who is the right coach for you and where you are in your business or career right now.

What are the challenges you are facing?

What is keeping you stuck?

Is your team supporting your financial goals…and you?

How can you increase sales?

Reduce expenses?

Sleep better at night?

Having a coach by your side can help you navigate these questions and more. Try it out and see - in 2 hours together we can create an action plan that will set your 2020 off to be the year you soar in your business and career!

Let's see if we're a fit for your challenge.
Talk to me. Let's get started.

Juicy ways and energizing action steps: how to soak in the wisdom and energy of becoming your own Modern Elder*
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