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90-Day benchmark - how are your results?

90-Day benchmark - how are your results?
March 2020

Hi There!

Here we are at the 90-Day benchmark of 2020. How are those goals of yours coming along? Are you getting the results you want? What outcomes showed up along the way?

Results are metrics. Specific information based on specific action. For example:

  1. As a result of hiring a salesperson, how many new clients are on board?
  2. How much new revenue was generated from this salesperson?
  3. What is the financial difference between his salary and the money he has brought in?

An outcome is the decision you make based on these results:

  1. Now that you hired a new salesperson, how has that given you more productive time?
  2. How many more opportunities can you now pursue?
  3. Now that one new salesperson is producing, are you thinking of adding another person?

With consistent action (or non-action) you are always creating results. Always.

It may not be the result you want, but you are getting a result. That's why these check-in benchmarks are so important. Take time to measure your goals from January. This check-in will tell you if you are heading in the right direction, it will show you if you are getting the results you set out to get and if not you will find out how you need to change or modify your actions to get the result and outcome you desire.

If you are at the 90day benchmark and feel you are off course here are 4 tips you can use to get back to your plan, moving forward toward success:

When you start to see the results of working your plan, your confidence comes back. You start to recognize opportunities that are congruent with your plan and begin again to see growth. It's not about throwing the baby out with the bathwater when times are tough. Protect your original plan, stay consistent. You just might see how your plan was working all along.

Get the results and outcomes you deserve! Hire a coach for accountability - the secret weapon in making all goals come true.

Let's do this!


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