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Susan Brooks

April 2020

We've come a long way since four weeks ago. At first our world seemed apocalyptic. The bare shelves in grocery stores demonstrated what we know as the basic law of supply and demand: who would have thought toilet paper would become such a cherished and pursued commodity? Driving the streets looked more like Sunday mornings rather than rush hour. Days were long. Sleepless nights.

Then, the energy shifted, feeling more like a deep, heavy limbo, like walking through a field of peanut butter, exhausted yet agitated. By now, the reality of less or no income has gotten your attention. Fear moves in. The air is thin. Your breath is shallow. Your eyes are open wide. We allow another week for the coronavirus to live rent-free in our head.

Now what? What's next? What do I do now?

You can wait indefinitely for life to get back to the way it was, (it never will...the world has changed for good).

Or you can shut the fear up! Wake up those creative juices that have been waiting for you to notice them. It's not easy to see and listen deeply when we're so busy all the time. White noise and the evening news has been a constant distraction. Get still. Be quiet. Heighten your awareness. See what shows up!

Call this change a pivot. Maybe it's you reinventing you.

This present moment invites you to explore each and every fragment of your imagination, searching all the opportunities for you to serve your customer, your world, in a 'more, better, different way.' Plant your two feet solidly on the ground, courageously, confidently:

  1. Ask your Self: What would I do today if I were brave???
  2. Then, wait. Get still. Close your eyes. Breathe deeply. Listen. Write down any and every thought that crosses your mind. No judgement.
  3. As the ideas/thoughts/images float on by, write down whatever is vying for your attention.

This is when RESILIENCE NOW! moves in, and kicks the evil and deadly coronavirus away from the dark corners of your mind. RESILIENCE NOW takes over! This is the first moment you realize this unique time is in the light, full of opportunity...full of new beginnings...full of new ways of working, being. NOW is the future! Grab it! The coronavirus pandemic is a universal unilateral equalizer ...and fresh start for us all!

Have the courage to be outrageous!

"The one thing our world will never have enough of is the OUTRAGEOUS!" ~ Salvador Dali

What would outrageous look like in your world? What would be an outrageous idea that would absolutely thrill and continue to serve your customers? Competition is fierce...and FAST! The battleground for each one of us is in The Ultimate Customer you show up (big-time) to serve your customer. Build your RESILIENT muscle now!!

Here are several Service Heroes who blazed resilient trails in these days of surviving the coronavirus. Their businesses are thriving while others are closed down:

The Ultimate Customer Experience Serves You Right!™

  1. Driver Provider: Usually serving events, conferences, tourists with their sleek stable of cars, mini-buses, and motor coaches especially during this event time of year, and in an effort to keep their employees working, Driver Provider has a 'pivot or perish' mantra that's bringing in business: snowbirds who want to get home, long distance families who want to be closer, seniors who feel compromised to fly, Driver Provider now offers to drive people back home by partnering with colleagues all over the country.
  2. Because Zoom has come to the rescue of isolation with their video conferencing, check out Zoom Virtual Backgrounds that conceal the fact you're taking an actual meeting from your bed, accompanied by your dog!
  3. Distilleries are now pumping out hand sanitizer! Check out Marble Brewery! They are now using their facilities and raw materials to make hand sanitizer instead of spirits. The World Health Organizations ordains that hand sanitizers need to be at least 60% alcohol. Owners say it's been an easy and profitable transition!
  4. If you are having trouble finding basics, US EGG now offers the ability to purchase at cost Market Essentials with any carry out order of $20+: cleaning supplies (yes, TP, bleach, vinyl gloves), retail and food items (protein bars, granola, cottage cheese, milk, champagne, bread). Imagine your 2 egg benedicts as carry-out orders with toilet paper on the side!
  5. My favorite innovation of service comes from my very own husband Barry Brooks, Movement is Medicine. He teaches Zumba classes for assisted living, memory care, and senior living centers all around the Valley. He did a video of a chair Zumba routine and, for now, because he can't do classes in person, he is sending weekly videos to his facilities to share with all residents. This idea is a work in progress so that he can reach out to all senior centers local and national! Barry can be reached at 602-541-1696.


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