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Susan Brooks
Time for Outrageous, Courageous, and Highly Contagious Leadership!

Time for Outrageous, Courageous, and Highly Contagious Leadership!
April 2021



Let's wake up and shake off this pandemic fatigue, this brain fog! As leaders, we NEED new and innovative fodder to stimulate our brains for post-covid action. WE want to lead the way!

RUMI, a 13th century poet said it best, then and now: "Many demolitions are actually renovations!"

Well....We have certainly seen major demolitions: weddings, funerals, graduations, all on zoom, lock downs in our homes for too many months, working from home and balancing priorities, wearing masks all the time, everywhere. It's exhausting. Standing on sand for so long, not knowing for how long, forced to accept the unacceptable, quieting the pervasive fear of COVID, all the endings, and new beginnings.

These are unprecedented times, wide open with possibilities AND scary stuff that ignites all our fears!

The biggest issues I'm hearing from my business clients are:

Sound familiar?
Rumi reminds us: Every disruption is an invitation to renovate!

NOW is the time to transform pandemic staleness into robust aliveness. But how? Where do I begin? (I say: You might need help. You might need to answer some important life-changing questions. You don't need to go through transformation all by yourself! I care about you, you know. Need help? Reach out...this is why I'm here!!)

NOW is your Choice Point! YOUR world, OUR world needs Outrageous Courageous and Highly Contagious Leadership!

As the famous artist Salvadore Dali said: THE WORLD CAN NEVER HAVE ENOUGH of the OUTRAGEOUS! (He did his part as a one-of-a-kind Leader, didn't he?)

The Outrageous gets noticed:

  1. Carvana opened its nine story, car vending machine in the middle of two major highways in Phoenix as its fulfillment center! Now there are 24 locations throughout the country and families take a trip together to see their new car or truck coming down from the sky in the vending machine!
  2. Talk about outrageous experiential retail: Helzberg Diamonds, a mall jewelry store did a survey of their mostly millennial customers and discovered that 91% of 1,000 would elope instead of spend for a big wedding. Good information! Helzberg ordained their store associates to perform marriage ceremonies right there and then! Then they put a huge sign in the middle of mall traffic: ELOPE HERE!
  3. Michael Adamick, an Arizona senior in high school, was heartbroken by his school's decision to cancel prom for the second year in a row, so he decided to step up with Outrageous and Courageous Leadership: Masquerade Prom 2021, a completely student and parent-run event, following COVID guidelines, hand sanitizer, using masks as masquerade, and taking temperatures at the door. No schools are affiliated with this event, and all students are invited. Michael is only 17...his life is ahead of him...and he is already an Outrageous, Courageous, and Highly Contagious Leader!!

What can you do that's OUTRAGEOUS in your business?

Take a moment and look, really look at the visual in this newsletter. This shows retail merchandising that earns your attention! This is a shop in Italy that sells all different shapes and sizes of PASTA!!! Pretty outrageous, don't you think?

It takes COURAGE to be OUTRAGEOUS! Fear is a powerful force that keeps things the same: nice and SAFE and predictable.

It takes COURAGE to stand out.

It takes COURAGE to take a risk.

It takes COURAGE to BE the competitive edge.


Guess what? You will come alive again. You might just fall in love with your business all over again! Your authenticity becomes a magnet, you inspire wherever you go.

YOU, yes you, GO VIRAL!

So, C'mon!! Step right up. BE the Leader I know you are... BECOME the Outrageous, Courageous, and Highly Contagious Leader You are meant to be!

Ultimate Customer Experience Idea of the Month!

The Ultimate Customer Experience Serves You Right!™

Pets are Family

This is a wonderful story of service and compassion and good business. Thank you, Etana Holowinko, for taking your time to share this Ultimate Customer Service Experience so that I can now share it with all my readers, who are service-driven enthusiasts! Heads up to all Pet Lovers...

I started out with six of the cutest little guinea pigs you can imagine and now I'm sadly down to two. This happened over a course of years and so I'd been updating my auto ship food order accordingly. But over a the course the last 6 weeks between auto ships and losing Ginger I forgot to update the order and missed the emails reminding me that the shipment was being prepared. So unexpectedly there was a large shipment at my door with way too much food for two guinea pigs. I didn't want the food to go to waste so I called right away and explained what had happened and apologetically asked if I could return a portion of my shipment and get a refund. The representative (Amber) instantly expressed her sympathies for the loss of my furry friend and asked what items I would like to refund/return. She said a credit for $72 will be refunded to your bank within 3 days. I said, "Thank you so much! How do I return the food to you?" She said "You don't... you donate to an animal rescue of your choice." I was so impressed and surprised! I asked "Do you need a credit slip from the rescue to process my credit?" She said "Nope, but you can ask them for a credit slip for your taxes." WOW!! These kind acts alone blew me away! I hung up the phone feeling super good about the experience and the company. Then as if this wasn't enough, the following morning my door bell rings. It's a flower delivery of the most beautiful bouquet! I open the card and it was from the Representative, (Amber) expressing her and the company's support during my tough time. I was beyond impressed by the amazing show of customer service and above and beyond support to both me and the animal community. Chewy customer for life. – Etana Holowinko

Please, if and when you have a customer service experience worthy of note, share it with me! You will be sending this business new customers...and I'll treat you to a consistently fabulous customer experience at Dutch pleasure! Email us HERE.

Let's do this!

Susan is the real deal.

She has run the entrepreneurial gamut of starting, growing and selling an iconic, multi-million dollar, award-winning company…a company that sold cookies, yes, lots and lots of cookies! She's been 'in the trenches with her red boots on the ground' for more than 30 years. Susan's proven strategies deliver results: a financial sustainable business that remains competitive in today's changing market.

Susan brings her first-hand knowledge and enthusiasm to her every client. You will experience Susan's passion and expertise as she helps you create and implement a service-driven culture, coaching existing and potential leaders, strategic and innovative marketing that demonstrates your company's brand and messaging. Entrepreneurs and professionals hire Susan to get their business on the fast track, off stuck, and onward to a profitable and sustainable company.

Susan celebrates five decades of marriage, two flourishing adult children and five genius grandchildren.


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