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Listen Now

Listen Now
May 2020

Instead of my asking "How are you doing," what I really want to ask you is, "how are you feeling right now?"

Time for a deep breath to congratulate yourself. You've never survived a pandemic before. You've never been held hostage in your own home before. You are here!

Let's check in to see how you are feeling now before you can get ready for your next step:

Has your initial panic dissipated?

When was your last meltdown?

Are you still sleep-walking through your days?

Maybe, just maybe, you are starting to ruminate...starting to think about 'what's next?

Has this quarantine given you some fertile ground for new ways of thinking?

Do you experience anticipation (or fear?), knowing that soon, very soon, doors will be open-wide and Life will present you with your 'new normal?'

Right NOW is the perfect time, the greatest opportunity to start vision-ing something better for your Self, your work, your relationships and community.

Imagine this: a new beginning, a new way of working, a new way of living your life to the fullest! Give yourself time while there's still plenty of it right now!

As my good friend and colleague Fatimah Halim says: The quieter you become the more you can hear.

So, get quiet....and LISTEN SOFTLY:

You'll see, once you've accumulated a ton of 'notes to yourself' and napkin scribbles, you'll be ready to identify the lessons, insights, and observations you've learned in this quarantine. This will keep you focused and ready to embrace the CHANGES and GROWTH that will move your business and you forward.

Innovation almost always comes from those individuals who see a chance to make things better. Instead of waiting, they go first.

~ Seth Godin

You are now READY to RESET!

Here are 5 RESET Questions to consider as your priority. They will help you manage your mind with specifics and by-when timelines:

  1. Identify what people, places and things need to change...and why?
  2. What new policies and practices do you need to evaluate when you return to work? ( ie Social hygiene must be at the top of your list)
  3. In surviving the initial panic, who did you realize was missing in action? (ie With all the immediate and urgent funding, was your banker, CPA, bookkeeper 'at the ready' to serve you?)
  4. What did you learn about your team during this time? Who showed up? Who didn't?
  5. What did you learn about yourself as a leader? What will you do better?

Here's an Invitation worth considering:

I've been told by my clients that I'm a good listener and that I also ask good questions without judgement.

I know budgets are tight and the immediacy is now. For the month of May, I'm offering a never-before price for my $500 COVID19 RESET session: ONLY pay $ 80% discount!!! Let me help! Let me listen! Let me coach you with my 30-year experience... LET'S DO THIS! Email me to set up our zoom time.


EVO Restaurant
4175 N Goldwater Blvd
Scottsdale, AZ 85251

EVO's owner Nick Neuman knew in that first week of this pandemic that he was going to have to close his Old Town Scottsdale restaurant. He felt a strong responsibility to his staff, his vendors, and especially to his customers in offering a solution that was a win/win/win.

Nick says, "This idea to create a market curbside pickup was a necessity when we had to close the dine-in restaurant, The response has been outstanding! It has brought us so many new customers which is exactly what we're looking for."

Almost overnight, he created an online marketplace/grocery that kept his vendors and staff working while offering his customers the best and freshest available fruits, vegetables, salmon, chicken, as well as prepared EVO menu meals. He even added household goods like toilet paper and bleach. Once you place your order online, your arrival time is confirmed for you to pull into their back parking lot and voila! open your trunk, no physical contact needed. Off you go to enjoy fresh and delicious ingredients to prepare meals in your own home.

Cars are lining up to pick up their food. People talk. People remember. Think of all those new customers and regulars EVO will serve for years to come. EVO knows first-hand that the Ultimate COVID 19 Service Experience SERVES YOU RIGHT!

This shout-out was from Dr. Abby Garcia. Thanks, Abby! I've ordered from EVO several times now. Delicious and service extraordinaire!

To sharpen your eye for 2020 Vision...To heighten your awareness... To give you practice at spotting the Ultimate Customer Experience, we invite you to snap a photo of a person, place or thing that is an example of The Ultimate Customer Experience. When your photo is chosen for our monthly newsletter, the business you shared gets the recognition AND you get a Dutch Bros Coffee gift card, my treat! Email us HERE.

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