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FEAR Keeps You Stuck - What are YOU afraid of?

FEAR Keeps You Stuck - What are YOU afraid of?
July 2018

My mission today and always, is to move the needle on that insulting statistic that states only 3% of the 11 million women business owners in this country reach the ultimate benchmark of $1M in profitable revenue...only 3%! I am here to serve women business owners to work smarter, not harder. One of my clients right now is right at the gate for a major launch in her business...and herself. She has done her homework and research: her foundation is strong enough to give her vision both legs and wings. She is ready to grow!

Yet, when it comes to the launch, making that first phone call or blasting that first email or post, she holds back, still not really sure. That's when the 'what if' monsters slither right into her mind:

The 'what if' monsters move into her consciousness and live 'rent-free' for as long as she will let them! Each time one of these 'what if's' creeps up on you to shake your confidence, you must remind yourself how great your program or product or service, hard you've worked to be sure it's viable.

Your vision must be stronger than your FEAR!

Do you know that FEAR and excitement produce the same experience physiologically? Choose excitement! FEAR and its power is what keeps you stuck in the familiar, where it's safe. Your aliveness is at stake! FEAR defeats more people than any other one thing in the world.

Here are 4 Steps that give you strength and power to manage your FEAR:

  1. Shine a LIGHT: FEAR grows in the dark, in the shadows of your mind. Try this: put words to your feelings. Ask yourself: how is this FEAR holding your growth back? Is your FEAR as bad as you think it is, really? What limited beliefs are you making (too old? not smart enough? Not enough, not enough).
  2. Break down your FEAR: What small steps can you take that would face that fear and build a path around or through it? What habit could you start developing
  3. Re-enforce your SELF: FEAR feeds on the belief that you can't handle what might happen...and, out of FEAR, we unknowingly reinforce this belief. We discount or minimize our accomplishments, our historical resilience. Instead, look for opportunities in your past and present to build your strength and confidence. Take small risks. Keep people in your life that are cheerleaders, not critics.
  4. Take ACTION: Focus on what you DO want.

Confirm with a handshake or another connection. "I really appreciate your reception and willingness in having this courageous conversation with me."

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Susan Brooks

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