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3 Tips to Make an Empowered Decision

3 Tips to Make an Empowered Decision
September 2018

As a busy business owner are you always feeling like you are missing out, trying to do Everything and be Everywhere? I know the feeling - it's exhausting! The solution? Learning how to make empowered Decisions!

3 tips to Make an Empowered Decision:

  1. Listen to your body talk. Your body knows your truth. Your mind will often tell you what you should do...your gut will tell you the truth. Ask yourself: how will I feel if I don't do this, if I say NO and let this opportunity pass...guilt? Or freedom? Respect what is true for you. Feeling of relief confirms your decision.

  2. Give yourself permission. Say YES! to you. Ask yourself: what can I do for myself right now to refresh? The key here is the right now part.

  3. YOLO. When Louri Podladchikov, the Olympian Gold Medalist for snowboarding, took his skill to the edge and won, he told the crowd "YOLO: You only live once!" Need I say more?

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