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Susan Brooks
It's Time to Shed

It's Time to Shed
October 2021

I'm shedding, I mean, really shedding! I've held on to clothes, boots, capes, and preserved my personal treasures for so long, schlepping all but my Prom and wedding gown across the miles, house to house, storing them from one season to the next, welcoming them back like old friends. Each piece had a story, a history of a time and place, and so many memories woven throughout its textures and colors. I loved getting dressed every day, it became my brand after all.

Now as a Modern Elder, as Chip Conley calls us (Wisdom@Work: The Making of a Modern Elder), the world and specifically my life has changed. My days of high heels are gone forever. My workout clothes fill my days. My cherished collection of scarves, jewelry, and purses are sleeping soundly in their boxes, whiling away the hours in their quiet inactivity.

Growing older in America is different than almost every other culture in the world where elders are held in reverence. Wisdom rather than information becomes our priority. Telling our stories is what matters most. Still serving others is a must, doing the work that matters.

What gets in the way of this Elder pursuit and value? Programming. Indoctrination. Culture. Society. I heard it said that as we get older, our rules are to wear white, show up, and shut up!!! Well, that is simply not possible for me...or you!! No way, no how!! Just watch my red curls ablaze!

Shedding. Shedding layers, shedding old thoughts, shedding old begin again. Choose what you want to let go AND what you want to bring forward. Make room for who you are now! Surround your Self with only those pieces that please you and inspire you to start another day! Let the rest go...

The average American woman owns 30 outfits—one for every day of the month. In 1930, that figure was nine (Forbes).

Those of you who haven't started this process let me pass on a little bit of my Elder wisdom to you:

  1. You don't want to leave your stuff to your children do you? News Flash: They don't want your stuff!!

    There are 300,000 items in the average American home (LA Times). It would take them days and days of their precious time and energy to go through, discard, decide what and how to dismantle all that you've held onto so carefully all these years.

    Read this beautiful article how one son helped his 85 yr old mother finish the task ahead of time. Filled with tips, ideas, and how to make memories as you tackle the task.
  2. You get to relive cherished memories as you shed. The only thing of value is the energy of the memory that is inherent in the treasure itself, right?
  3. You will practice the healing art of forgiveness. You also get to choose what is sacred to you. What a great opportunity to give special gifts to special people, like my State-adopted textbook, complete with notes in the margins, from when I taught High School English. My 16yr old granddaughter now holds it close! Quiet my heart.

This project can be a marathon, especially if your intention to shed is true. This will be easier, and harder than you think.

10 bags full heading to Hospice White Dove

I don't have to continue carrying these around any more! There's still life in these treasures, life that others will enjoy and make their own. Shedding is such a beautiful thing...

For coaching help through this process, you know where to find me, just hit reply and ask. I'm still here.

Shed know you want to!

Ultimate Customer Experience Idea of the Month!

The Ultimate Customer Experience Serves You Right!™

Arizona Natural Selections of Scottsdale Dispensary

Marijuana is medicine in my house. So when we needed to fill our coffers, I remembered a dear friend telling me about her experience at this dispensary. I was particularly curious (a familiar quality of today's Modern Elder) about how they do business. When we asked our Bud Tender, Amy, about a senior discount, it was refreshing to be told they don't offer senior discounts. Instead, they gratefully offer a Wisdom Discount for customers 65+, in respect and appreciation for experience. In that instant, remembering all my years of protesting, rebellion, service, disrupting, I felt seen, recognized, respected.

Thank you, Amy and Arizona NaturalSelections of Scottsdale Dispensary for the Ultimate Customer Service Experience!

Please, if and when you have a customer service experience worthy of note, share it with me! You will be sending this business new customers...and I'll treat you to a consistently fabulous customer experience at Dutch pleasure! Email us HERE.

SHE RISES! What would you do today if you were brave?

As a business growth specialist for both business owners and corporate leaders eager to increase profitable revenue with controlled and strategic growth, Susan is the real deal.

She has run the entrepreneurial gamut of starting, growing and selling an iconic, multi-million dollar, award-winning company...a company that sold cookies, yes, lots and lots of cookies! She's been ‘in the trenches with her red boots on the ground' for more than 30 years. Susan's proven strategies deliver results: a financial sustainable business that remains competitive in today's changing market.

Susan brings her first-hand knowledge and expertise to her every client. You will experience Susan's passion and enthusiasm as she helps you create a service-driven culture, coaching existing and potential leaders, strategic and innovative marketing that demonstrates your company's brand and messaging. Entrepreneurs and professionals hire Susan to get their business on the fast track, off stuck, and onward to a profitable and sustainable company.

Susan celebrates five decades of marriage, two flourishing adult children and five genius grandchildren.

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