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Is Your Retention Strategy 'At The Ready?'
November 2019

The low unemployment rate is giving employees at all levels, more options and leverage than they have had in years. A vast majority are either job jumping or on the lookout for new opportunities. Employees with talent (and even those without) have the power.

We have a problem: Employee turnover has a cost. Not only does the employee disconnect from your customers, there is also a proprietary risk when they move over to work for your competitor. And, replacing employees (if that is even possible!) is expensive and time consuming.

We also have an opportunity: It is time to pack your organization's parachute with a Retention Strategy that creates the ultimate culture and climate for employees, especially those that are your Top Talent, to experience extreme engagement with your company... practical and doable methods and actions that address extreme engagement.

Gallup says that "70% of the workforce is disengaged." Are your employees engaged, really engaged in your company's success?

Implementing the ultimate customer experience applies to both your paying client as well as your employees and company leaders. Serving your staff is your first customer. If you don't offer a safe, diverse, and collaborative culture for every employee in every position, she will have no problem finding another job while you are still looking for her replacement.

So how do companies stop career jumpers and avoid a talent free fall?

Whether you are running your own business or you are a leader with a team, your job is to:

Here's a great example of a company that has a powerful Retention Strategy in place. Their success leaves clues that other companies can follow:

Equity Methods in Scottsdale is the top small business to work for in AZ, according to AZCentral ranking of 2019.

Equity Methods stays busy keeping their employees happy. Here's what works for them:

And, there's more. Click to find the full list of top Arizona companies to explore more ideas.

Career Jumpers is your wake-up call to pull the ripcord of your Company's Parachute before it's too late!

Career Jumpers is your wake-up callHere's one more stat that just might motivate you to pick up the phone and call me now:

"94% of employees say they would stay if a company would invest in helping them learn."
~ LinkedIn 2019 Workforce Learning Report

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