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Ready to Scale Up Your Business?

Ready to Scale Up Your Business?
May 2018

Are you a strong woman business owner who has worked hard to get where you are today? Your success proves that.

Working hard and long hours was your norm, for too long. A Gallup poll found 40% of small business owners work over 60 hours a week. You are at a choice point now either to grow...or to maintain. It is a deliberate and intentional decision. Before you decide, consider what it takes to get to the next level.

You have to let go (especially of perfection) and you must be willing to redefine your own value, shift from do-er to leader.

There are some tough decisions you must make in order to grow:

Not knowing what to do first, not knowing how to grow, was the focal purpose that brought Jane and I together. Her service business was growing, consistently. Yet Jane was overwhelmed and exhausted. There simply weren't enough hours in the day for her to get everything done, phone calls and emails returned, and, because she was scheduled with serving her own clients, there was little and only a few occasional hours for her to only focus on business issues that needed her attention, like her website, marketing, supervising staff. She knew something had to change.

Jane decided she was ready to scale up her business and her own value to growing this business. She knew she needed support and guidance to walk through this...her Lone Ranger days were over!

Here are the 3 Biggest Investment to Scale UP Jane's Business:

  1. Jane needed to redesign and enlarge her office space. She identified her need for increased traffic flow and capacity to optimize space and revenue potential. The plan included hiring additional sales people to her already 6-person sales team.
  2. Jane had to cut back seeing her own clients and allocate more time to run her business and still get home for dinner with her family. She had to admit she needed a part-time receptionist, which within months, became a full-time Client Care Coordinator. This new staff member had the skill set to implement digital online scheduling, handle administrative paperwork and reporting, and interface with serving clients as well as staff communications. Jane got her life back.
  3. Jane needed metrics, goals, reports, and online stream-lined systems with practical tools and techniques that not only served the clients efficiently, but also helped Jane measure results and performance daily, weekly, and monthly. She initiated consistent bi-monthly sales meetings for accountability and, hopefully, celebration of increased revenues.

Bottom-line results from scaling up: Jane showed $100k more revenue in her business than the year before...and with only 3 months into this new year, Jane's business is already up $20k.

Scaling up takes courage...and a whole lot of cash to buy you time and space to grow bigger, better. It's an uncomfortable, scary, high risk and messy time. But, behind every fear, you feel this burning desire for more, bigger, and better.

Wherever you are in the scale-up process, you should not blaze this trail alone. Get there smarter and me! Let's make that difference! 602-228-5279

Susan Brooks

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Susan Brooks

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